100 Affirmations To Turn Your Life Around

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

"Saying is believing" and if you don't believe it, say it until you do.

Every now and again we all need a bit of self-motivation, and affirmations are the perfect little boost of encouragement, and they are a great tool to attract good into your life.

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Generic Affirmations

"Everything goes right for me."

"I am grateful for the life I have."

"I am excited for all of the wonderful things that are about to happen."

"I am proud of who I am."

"Everything I do is fun, exciting and enjoyable."

"I am present in every moment."

"I trust the process."

"I see beauty in everything."

"I always aspire to be the best version of myself."

"My life is full of positivity."

For Good Health

"Everyday I wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy."

"My body moves effortlessly."

"I feel healthy, comfortable and free in my physical being."

"I have no tension in my body."

"I eat consciously and healthily."

"I have a healthy sleeping pattern which energises me every day."

"I can listen to my body and give it what it needs."

"I always stay hydrated."

"I am grateful for the health I have been blessed with."

"I accept the power I have within to heal myself."

For Travel

"I have unlimited resources to travel where I want."

"I deserve to explore the world."

"I always travel safely, wherever I go."

"I am grateful for the ability to explore wonderful places."

"The opportunity to travel always comes around for me."

"I live in the present moment."

"I attract opportunities to visit my dream destinations."

"I am grateful for new experiences."

"I embrace other cultures."

"My journeys are always stress-free."

For Good Relationships

"I am an understanding, forgiving and caring person."

"Everything I do is done with kindness and love."

"I treat everyone I meet with respect."

"I listen to what others and value their opinions."

"I forgive those who have hurt me in the past."

"I am surrounded by loving, considerate and compassionate people."

"All of my relationships are based on mutual love and respect."

"I express my feelings openly and easily."

"I am supported by the people around me."

"I am always considerate of other people."

For Money

"I have a constant flow of money."

"My income is forever increasing."

"I live in an abundance of money."

"Money is already on it's way to me."

"Money is not an issue for me."

"I am worthy and deserving of making more money."

"It is easy and effortless for me to make money."

"Money brings me more opportunity to do good for others."

"Money creates a positive impact on me and the people around me."

"I constantly attract opportunities to make more money."

For Work

"I am rewarded for everything I do."

"I am enthusiastic about my job."

"I am successful."

"I have my dream job."

"I have healthy interactions with my clients and coworkers."

"Each morning I wake up excited to start working."

"My job brings me financial abundance."

"I have the perfect balance between my job and my personal life."

"I am patient with myself and those around me."

"I possess everything I need to achieve every one of my goals."

For Body Confidence

"When I look in the mirror I love what I see."

"My body is perfect."

"My imperfections are what make me perfect."

"Everyone is beautiful."

"I am full of confidence."

"I exercise regularly and look after my body."

"My body deserves respect and love."

"I am in love with the way that I look."

"I am attractive."

"I eat the exact amount of food that my body needs."

For When Life Gets Tough

"Every experience I have allows me to grow."

"I am thankful for everything life throws at me."

"I am going to get through this."

"I possess the qualities to overcome this."

"I eliminate fear from my life because challenges bring me better opportunities."

"I accept the challenges I am faced with."

"I do not need approval from others."

"I choose to be happy, despite my circumstance."

"I am exactly where I need to be right now."

"I have the potential to change my path."

For Anxiety (And Panic Attacks)

"I am not in danger. I am safe."

"This is only temporary."

"What I think is not necessarily true."

"I choose to fill my thoughts with calmness and positivity."

"I can forget the past and move on to the exciting things that await."

"Stress is only created in my mind."

"I overcome fear."

"I have the power to control my thoughts."

"I welcome change with open arms."

"I exhale fear and inhale peace and calmness.

For Depression

"My thoughts are not reality."

"I take care of myself.

"I spend time doing things I love."

"I love myself for who I am."

"I have the ability to get past this temporary state I am in."

"I am strong and I believe in myself."

"I love myself unconditionally."

"I am loved."

"I am important and unique."

"I enjoy life and I am free of negative thoughts."

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