Photo Diary: Rome 2018

Since the moment I finished watching the Lizzie McGuire movie in way back in 2003, I have wanted to visit Rome. It's been on my bucket list for years, and as my love for European cities grew, it was just getting silly that I still hadn't experienced this beautiful and wonderfully historic city. This September I was able to (finally) tick Rome's box, and it did not disappoint.

I was lucky enough to share this adventure with two of my best friends, both of which conveniently study Ancient History at university! This basically meant I had two personal tour guides for the entirety of the trip, and for someone who remembers very little from studying the Romans in primary school, this was pretty helpful to say the least. Thank you Miles & Rosa, I would have been lost without you - metaphorically and physically speaking!

Stepping foot where people from thousands of years ago would have stepped was an incredible experience and to see how well preserved the intricately detailed architecture was unforgettable.

My favourite moments included:

-Getting up early to see the Trevi Fountain

-ALL the food

-The Colosseum (of course)

-The Roman Forum

-More food

-Villa Borghese Gardens

Please enjoy some highlights of our Roman shenanigans:

Gave myself some serious post-traveling blues after putting this post together - now to count down the days until my next trip in a months time! Can anyone guess where?

What's one place on your bucket list?

-Lois x

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